Please Read Before Purchase: 


  • There are presently 3 ways to receive a service: 1) pre-recorded/text reading. 2) phone session. 3) in-person session. You'll indicate which upon booking. 

  • All services (readings, reiki, channeled messages, etc) are delivered within 30 business days unless otherwise indicated.

  • For IG DM SPECIALS, please read the service description for special instructions/information. 

  • Your service will be sent to you via text message, email or instagram depending on the length of service/information provided. (Excluding phone/in-person sessions). 

  • For private pre-recorded readings, I recommend you save them to your drive once received. (Or take detailed notes). After 8 weeks, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to maintain your recording.  

  • For phone readings/in-person readings, please send me a message upon booking confirmation so that we may set a date that works for us. (631) 681-2973. If I don't receive your message within 30 days, I will move forward with a pre-recorded message. 


  • All physical shipping orders will be shipped within 8 business days of purchase, unless otherwise discussed.

  • We ship worldwide.

  • Please email me with any issues/concerns: 


  • PDF downloads will be available for 30 days before they are no longer accessible via the shared link. I warmly advise you to download your product(s) to your device within those 30 days to maintain lifetime access. In the event of an issue, please email me and I will manually forward you the link(s). 


  • Please always double check your contact information/mailing address for accuracy. This avoids delays/disappointment on both ends.

  • If something is out of stock that means it’s not currently available. I welcome you to join my email list and/or my membership space to be amongst the first to hear about restocks. 

  • VIP Members receive discounts and first priority on all services/products. If you’re a member and curious about something out of stock, please email me:

  • If there is something you are seeking that is not listed, feel free to email me so we can potentially discuss a personalized approach.

    *If you have any further questions, comments, concerns and/or feedback, please do not hesitate to share with me via email. 

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