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🌸This package includes 3 readings. 

🌸Each reading totals approximately 10-15+ minutes.

🌸 Each is pre-recorded and sent to you via text (or email), which will allow you to review them as needed.

🌸 You will be prompted to include your inquiry details in the following form. 


🌸 Upon purchase: you'll receive your first reading within 30 business days. (This means weekends are not included). 


🌸 After that: you're free to activate your 2nd and 3rd readings at your leisure. You'll do this by sending a text message to the number provided in your confirmation email. Each reading will be delivered within 30 days of your requests. (I recommend spreading them out to make the most of them...) 


If you're here as a patreon member, you may use your membership discount upon checkout. Feel free to browse our monthly membership tiers, and become a member at any time! We'd love to have you. 💗


Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns,


Royal Package 🌸👑 (Reading Bundle)

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