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Hi beatiful person,


This is a first-come, first-serve service. 


I'm excited to serve you in this Reiki Renewal, charged to adress your body ll mind ll soul via a powerful energy healing. We focus on the whole you; whilst paying special attention to the areas that need it most. To learn more about the transformative benefits of reiki, please read here.


This non-invase, non-live remote service is always discounted for patreon members, and free for higher patreon tiers. Feel free to check us out to discount this & all of your future reiki healings. 


Details below:


Time & date:

March 17th, 2024 at 11:11 pm, EST.





Calling in all things LUCK, FORTUNE, ABUNDANCE!!! ☘️


*NOTE: you MAY find that as this reiki healing works through you, anyone/anything that has no intention of treating you with the utmost care/love/support WILL FALL AWAY! 


What to do/bring:

Nothing, other than yourself/your truth/your openess! There is no formal gathering; this session is completed remotely by me, while you are free to carry on your day/night, according to your preferences.


What you will receive post-reiki session:

A typed, emailed report of the off-camera reiki session (my findings) within 1-10 days of purchase. It will be sent to the email you sign up with. (Please proofread for accuracy 😁). This report will include my channeled findings, including a card pull that taps into our collective energy.


Reiki "effects/results" :

Read here. 


Approximate duration of session:

~45-60 minutes


Select Suggestions for Reiki Preparation/Enjoyment:

-Set a simple or detailed intention. Ex: I am open to receiving the everlasting peace & abundance that is flowing to me through this reiki healing.

-Breathe deeply & intentionally.

- Meditate

- Enjoy your day/holiday.

- Enjoy soul-lifting music 

- Nothing

- Rest

- Candle work

- Self-care

- Make love

- Whatever your heart desires


If you click on patreon member, and you are not a paid patreon member, you will not be included. ✨
(*price is already adjusted for patreons) 


Any further questions that aren't addressed?

Email me!


I look forward to our time together!

Our reiki time is always incredibly powerful!


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