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Hi! 💜

I'm excited to have you. 


The service involves an ongoing conversation between us, centered around your questions/concerns + guidance from Spirit. 


We will speak for up to about 35 minutes. If time isn't fully used, we'll save it and apply it to a future session, where you can check in on the same or a seperate subject. 


We will converse via voice chat &/or text. 


Options for chat include: instagram, whats app, iphone voicenote. We will choose one once you contact me. 


Upon booking, it's important that you text me with your receipt of purchase. (Number provided in your email confirmation).


We will then set our appointment and move forward accordingly. 💗 (Wait time for appointment is between 1-30 business days). 


Looking forward to chatting with you!!




Our membership community here permits you year-round access to sold-out readings & more. 



Live Interaction

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