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Hi! 💗

I'm excited to have you. 


This is what our time together will include: 


1) 3 readings/coaching sessions focused on your love interest/love goals surronding self/another (~10-15 mins each) 

2) 1 birthday reading to use on/around your birthday 

3) 1 emergency question, answered within 5 days of request

4) 1 15-minute reiki session (curated to suit your needs) 

5) Gift 1 Soulfulbeauty reading to a loved one

6) You will have access to me throughout your package time. 


We will tailor this package to your needs, whether you are more interested in tapping into old/existing love (what they're thinking, what's going on, how to deal, etc), or manifesting deeper self/newer love & such.💗


Following payment, please message the number shared with you in your confirmation email. We will hop on a phone call or audio clips to discuss the details of our time together. 


Please don't hesitate to email me should you have any questions about anything: 

Lovey-Dovey Deluxe 💕

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