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Let's heal and empower your body, mind and soul. 


This session encompasses a 30-minute reiki healing PLUS an additional audio or typed "report" that will review my findings/intuitive channeling during the session.


You will also receive a remote (or in-person) "aura spray," which involves the use of one of my abundance sprays - intended to boost your energy, manifestation, confidence levels. 💗


Once your booking is confirmed, please text me so that we may set up your your reiki appointment. (Number in confirmation email). *If I do not have access to a photo of yours (instagram suffices) please send me a photo of you alongside your message. Thank you so much. 


To learn more about what your Reiki service will entail, find the "REIKI" tab on the main menu. Or click here


You will be asked a few questions upon booking so that your service may be appropriately tailored to your needs. 


I look forward to working with you! 


Talk to you soon. 



Our membership community here permits you year-round access to sold-out readings & more. 


30 min. Reiki Healing + Channeled Reiki Report

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