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This is an instant PDF download, meaning it will be immediately accesbile to you upon payment. 🌸


What you'll download is an exact replica of what I've shared with our patreon members. Feel free to check out our space here


You'll come across a collection of channeled messages that may "materialize" throughout the year of 2024. Of course, there are many many more. (Which will be shared with patreon, on an ongoing basis). But this is a start....intended to help you along the first few months. 


I recommend keeping this handy so that you may return to it, as needed. As I always share, everything may not resonate right away. Additionally, you may use select messages to "manifest" certain feelings/energies/experiences to come. "The world is your oyster," especially when you use it to your advantage. 💗


Please email me if any questions or concerns: Otherwise, I trust that you will enjoy; and I look forward to seeing you in our membership soon. 🦋



2024 Predictions

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