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Welcome!! I'm Ashlee. It would be an honor for me to walk with you on an Enlightening Journey towards the best version(s) of you. You can think of me as the messenger or the cheerleader;


I Love HowWe Crossed Paths for a Reason...

About Us

Welcome! I’m Ashlee. Otherwise known as soulfulbeauty111. It's an honor to have you here...💗


A few words on "me" ~ I'm a Holistic Therapist, Reiki Healer/Practitioner, Intuitive Energy Reader, Hypnotherapist, Educator, Divine Feminine Coach, Oracle Deck Creator, Writer, Human being living a soulful experience...


Essentially, I am here — existing, becoming, unbecoming and I live out my purpose of helping others to do the same. 


To date, I’ve assisted (and have also learned from) thousands of my clients, world-wide, in ways that have drastically transformed their lives, and mine. 

Our work together will involve spiritual, practical, healing, "fun," and sometimes more serious approaches to aligning you with a life you love to life. 

Our time is very much individually and intuitively oriented, making each session a unique one. 

I welcome you to explore my main expression of my business, my instagram page, @soulfulbeauty111, where you can join our family of over 66,000 beautiful souls. You'll encounter a bit of my approach to spirituality, as well as countless reviews in the highlights and daily post comments. 

More important to me than the "unbelievable accuracy" of my readings, as my clients will put it, is the relationship that we end up naturally cultivating between you & I, you & Spirit, and you & you.  

If you should feel we may be a match, I invite you to browse my offerings; and, or, contact me anytime via email:


I look forward to connecting, and beginning a life-altering journey together. 

-Ashlee 🌸


"Everything is Always Working out for You."          - Abraham Hicks

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